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more links coming soon, but right now we're busy off doing FPGA work which is a lot more fun than a web page.

Your one stop shop for FPGA work.

From Supercomputers to Quantum Computers.

From RS232 (110 bps) to OC768/OTU3 (43Gb/s).

Embedded Processors.

High speed SERDES.

High speed logic and complex control loops including logs/division/square roots with clock speeds greater than 300MHz.


What can we do to help you?

Maybe you already have a team but they need a hand during a crunch, or you're new to FPGA work and not sure where to start. Whether you already have a complete spec and just need some code cranked out, or you are just starting and only have an idea of what you want, we want to be your source for FPGA design.